Abbotsford Airport Construction
Our Process Delivering the highest quality on budget and
on schedule

Backed by care and expertise, we ensure that all the steps of each project go as smoothly as possible.

We want to work alongside you and work as partners to bring the best outcome for your investment. A construction project does not need to be a stressful endeavour. Instead, Summit Brooke provides alternative.

After countless projects, we have refined a process that leads to mutual success. Trust Summit Brooke to take care of the details and deliver the best product possible.

Pre-Construction Phase

  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of project scope
  • Budgeting
  • Schedule creation
  • Identification of long-lead time items
  • Pro-active & practical consulting
  • Permit application

Pricing Phase

  • Sourcing of multiple sub-trades
  • Sourcing of multiple suppliers
  • Distribution of bid documents
  • Pre-qualification of subcontractors
  • Pre-qualification of suppliers
  • Cost-savings & budgeting work
  • Analysis of post-bid results
  • Subcontractor recommendations
  • Supplier recommendations
  • Identification of pre-order materials
  • Identification of pre-order equipment

Construction Phase

  • Constant communication
  • Sub-contract execution
  • Shop drawings
  • Project submittals
  • On-going job-site safety
  • Continuous quality inspection
  • Continuous quality monitoring
  • Municipal & provincial inspections
  • Acquisition of schedules & sign-offs
  • Warranty and close-out documentation