Why Choose Summit Brooke Construction
Why Summit Brooke? When push comes to shove we get the job done. Always.

As an experienced general contractor, Summit Brooke offers the right mix of people, systems, and skills to successfully deliver construction projects.

For the last 15 years, we have built hundreds of projects throughout Canada with a focus on British Columbia. We conduct business in a way that seeks to build relationships by delivering an end product of the highest quality - on time, and on budget.

Whether it is a large industrial warehouse building, a multi-family townhome project or a corporate roll out program, Summit Brooke has the internal capacity to deliver with excellence.

Reason 1

We have the capability and experience to deliver.

Our team of seasoned experts are poised to deliver. With over 15 years of experience completing commercial construction projects based on a variety of project delivery methods, our collaborative approach brings together all the services you need to see the project through to completion.

Reason 2

We deliver on quality, time and budget.

We hold true to the promises we make to our clients. And in an industry so often affected by external factors, this carries tremendous value. Bad weather may come; plans may change; but Summit Brooke always gets the job done.

Reason 3

We value relationships.

We earnestly believe that people do business with people. As a result, we endeavor to invest heavily into relationships so that both parties can realize mutual success. This is something engrained within our very culture - something that is organic to who we are.

Reason 4

We are easy to do business with.

Countless testimonials from a repertoire of successfully completed projects attest to the value of our ability to make the commercial construction process simple. By pairing efficient communications and trustworthy expertise, we commit ourselves to breaking down complexity and simplifying your experience.

Reason 5

We take care of you afterwards.

Just because the construction phase is complete, doesn't mean the project is done. We commit ourselves to providing high-caliber post-construction service & support, making ourselves available to assist with everything from ongoing facility maintenance programs and lien releases to warranty information and one-year walkthroughs.