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Summit Brooke delivered again, completing a tenant improvement in a new 26,500 sq ft new building.

  • Client


  • Size

    26,500 square feet

  • Completion Date

    January 2013

  • Amount


  • Description

    Tenant Improvement


This 26,500 sq ft Tenant Improvement was completed on the 2nd floor of the building. Summit Brooke was required to work closely with the Project Consultant and the Architect to ensure all construction requirements were met.

We were working with a strict schedule which had deadlines for the stores finishing team and merchandise to arrive. The quality of millwork on this project was so high that is showed up on our deficiency list as a compliment.

While nearing completion of this project we were asked by the landlord to perform a variety of extra work including creating a bike path, electric car hook ups, and feature lighting and lockers. We were also asked to repair cracking on the concrete decking which had occured over time from settlement.

Upon construction completion we are pleased to say the client was satsified with the schedule met, quality of work and extra time and effort put in to completion. We look forward to building a long term relationship.