• McDonald's Abbotsford
  • McDonald's Abbotsford
McDonald's Abbotsford Exterior Renovations

Brand remodelling for McDonald’s in Abbotsford, BC while avoiding costly business shutdowns.

  • Client

    McDonald's Abbotsford

  • Location

    Abbotsford, British Columbia

  • Completion Date

    August 2012

  • Amount


project overview

Our goal with this project was to complete a full exterior renovation on the existing wood frame building. However, being that the building had already been renovated three times previously, some existing framing information was not noted and we had to adapt our original plans to existing conditions that were discovered through the process.

To obtain a cohesive look with the other McDonald’s locations, we created a new square roof. To eliminate any waiting time we pre-ordered custom metal cladding. This also saved the customer money. While the building was wrapped in scaffolding, safety entrances were constructed for customers to access the building while the renovation took place. There were no safety issues throughout the entire project and we were able to avoid an expected three-week shutdown.

Upon completion of this project the franchisee was very pleased with the caliber of work we had done in the schedule we had completed it in.