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It is Our Values that Set Us Apart

While many companies have values of honesty and hard work, Summit Brooke Construction sees these values as basic prerequisites for a successful life, both professionally and personally.

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Over 20 years consistently raising the bar

Since the company was first founded in 1998, Summit Brooke Construction has proudly worked alongside some of the same companies and clients for the past 20 years.

Since the majority of our work is directly awarded to us from clients that we have worked with for years, we intentionally seek out clients who are not only looking for a construction partner but also clients who can trust us to structure projects properly for our collective success. With highly experienced management team leading the company, Summit Brooke has continued to grow and we have the people that will enable us to flourish for years to come.

Our Service is Construction. Our People Make the Difference.

At Summit Brooke Construction, we truly believe that people make the difference and there is nothing more important to us than creating long-term relationships with clients.


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“Throughout the multiple construction projects we have worked on, Summit Brooke Construction has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing high-quality building services and has always taken the time to provide sound advice on how to keep project costs in line with our budget.”

Andrew Rennison, President

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Doing Good,
it’s in our dna.

Over the years, Summit Brooke Construction has been blessed to give back to some amazing charities and organizations. No matter what you call it—karma, paying it forward, or sowing and reaping—we are very thankful for our good fortune and are always looking to give back where we can.

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